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Press Releases 2009

Shell Launches New Fuel Economy Formula

Shell Launches New Fuel Economy Formula

Shell South Africa today announced the launch of New Diesel Extra and New Unleaded Extra fuels, which both contain a unique formulation designed to give motorists extra kilometres at no extra cost.

New Shell Unleaded Extra with fuel economy formula contains a triple-action cleaning component, which helps to prevent the build up of mileage robbing deposits and support your vehicle in performing more efficiently.  The fuel also helps to protect valuable engine parts, thereby giving customers more benefits than standard unleaded fuels.

New Shell Diesel Extra with fuel economy formula is designed to take motorists further, through improving engine efficiency by helping the fuel to ignite and burn more quickly for more effective combustion. It's designed to protect the engine against deposits better than regular diesel, and helps to protect against rust. New Shell Diesel Extra contains an anti-foam component for easier and cleaner fill-up.

"We are committed to delivering better fuels around the world and have been working to develop fuels to address motorists' needs for improved fuel economy," said Bonang Mohale, Shell South Africa's Country Chair. "Wide-ranging research has shown that many of our customers want fuels which are going to take them further without having to pay more. Both new Shell Unleaded Extra as well as Shell Diesel Extra have fuel efficiency and we've built on that benefit by developing our new fuel economy formula, which if used in combination with our Shell Fuel Save tips, can help reduce our customers' trips to the pump."

The fuel economy benefits of our fuels have been proven in tests conducted with a number of popular cars by MIRA, independent vehicle testing specialists and published in SAE papers. Tests conducted by Shell have also shown the fuel's ability to improve fuel economy in engines by protecting against the build up of deposits on injectors.

New Shell Diesel Extra is now available at all of Shell service stations across South Africa, whilst Shell Unleaded Extra with fuel economy is available at Inland sites and participating sites in coastal areas.