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Press Releases 2009

Shell Launches Enhanced Premium Fuel Brand in South Africa

Shell South Africa today announced the launch of the new Shell V-Power 95 premium fuel brand in the South African market.

New Shell V-Power 95 represents a breakthrough in fuel technology. The fuel is designed to reduce engine friction and has the highest 95-octane formulation content available in the country.

"The new Shell V-Power 95 formulation continues Shell's century-long tradition of developing differentiated fuels," says Sandile Ngcobo, Shell South Africa's Marketing Manager.

"Being a premium fuel brand, Shell V-Power 95 is primarily aimed at offering better performance.  The fuel's formulation, however, offers a unique way of delivering improved performance that goes beyond enhanced engine cleanliness and protection.

"The fuel is designed to reduce friction inside the engine, to help keep engine parts working smoothly," says Ngcobo. "This helps to improve engine efficiency and unlock valuable energy for enhanced acceleration and performance."

Ngcobo adds that today more cars are designed to operate on 95-octane, since it helps to optimise performance and acceleration.  "Customers can therefore expect to enjoy a smoother driving experience and the confidence that their engines are protected and performing better with new Shell V-Power 95."

New Shell V-Power 95 is developed using the same technology as used by Scuderia Ferrari in Formula One. In the 1930s, Shell began a relationship with Ferrari that led to close involvement in Formula One, providing the ultimate test bed for the premium Shell V-Power fuels Shell offers today.

Furthermore, the Shell scientists who develop the fuels that maximise the power and performance of the Formula One engine, also worked on the development of new Shell V-Power 95 fuel, ensuring that the learnings on the track are applied to the fuels developed for customers.

Shell South Africa has confirmed that the enhanced fuel will be sold at the current price of V-Power 95 and the new fuel is being rapidly rolled-out to Shell service stations across the country.