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Dependent on the results of the technical work carried out in the initial period, exploration drilling will be considered.

Exploration drilling is undertaken to determine whether subsea geological structures, identified by seismic surveying, contain oil or gas.

During drilling, the floating drill rig is held in position by a multi-point anchoring system.
A well is drilled using on board equipment for hoisting pipes, pumps for circulating fluids, motors to rotate the pipe and generators to provide electrical power.

After completion of exploration drilling operations, wells are sealed off with downhole cement plugs. No metal is left on the sea floor.

Diagram of exploration drilling and testing


Deep-water is a harsh environment. Thousands of technologies are needed to tackle the challenges of freezing temperatures, high pressure and storm conditions.
Oil and gas are becoming harder to access. Innovative drilling techniques are opening up resources by keeping costs down, raising production and tapping into new resources.