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In 2009, the Petroleum Agency South Africa (PASA) awarded Shell a Technical Cooperation Permit (TCP) for a one-year study to determine the hydrocarbon potential in parts of the Karoo Basin in central South Africa. The study provided Shell with a better understanding of the area’s geology and shale gas potential, establishing the scope to pursue natural gas exploration.

In December 2010, Shell submitted three separate exploration license applications, each approximately 30,000 square kilometers in size. The area covered by our applications is situated in the south and central part of South Africa, incorporating land in Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape provinces.

PASA has notified us to prepare an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) as part of the license application process.

As required by South African regulations, in January and February 2011, we will undertake the first of a series of public consultations, facilitated by independent consultants Golder Associates. The consultation schedule will be published in newspapers and will be broadcasted on radio during the first half of January 2011 to give you sufficient notice, should you wish to participate.

For additional information, please contact Golder Associates:
karoo@golder.co.za / 011 254 4805.

After completion of the EMP, it will be reviewed by PASA as part of the process to consider whether to grant exploration licenses. Next step is to carry out environmental studies and apply for regulatory permits to allow us to commence operational activities on the ground.

Map of South Africa highlighting the area affected


Technology is helping us to unlock major sources of natural gas trapped in dense rock, dramatically altering the energy landscape.
Shell has asked independent consultants to undertake studies to identify potential environmental, social and health impacts associated with the planned exploration programmes in South Africa.