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Environmental Studies

Shell has asked independent consultants to undertake studies to identify potential environmental, social and health impacts associated with the planned exploration programmes in South Africa.

Exploration Drilling

Exploration drilling may be undertaken to determine whether subsea geological structures, identified by seismic surveying, contain oil or gas.

Watch the Video - Safety measures in deep water operations

Learn more about Shell’s new safety measures in the Gulf of Mexico - Shell’s Perdido deepwater operations with Marvin Odum, President of Shell Oil Company,

Seismic Surveying

Seismic surveys are carried out to investigate subsea geological formations. Sound is directed towards the seabed and the returned signals allow for interpretation of subsea geological formations.

The Orange Basin Offshore Area

View a map of the Orange Basin Deep water offshore Area

Orange Basin Exploration License - (PDF) opens in a new window - opens in new window

Shell has been awarded an exploration right in the Orange Basin Deep Water area, off the country’s west coast.