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Government incentives and new technology will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and safeguard the environment. But society must also use energy more efficiently and secure new sources to meet surging long-term demand.

At Shell, we’re ready to help tackle the challenges of the new energy future.

CO2 management

By 2050 global CO2 emissions must fall by at least 50%, yet energy demand is predicted to double. No single solution exists to this challenge. Shell is working to manage CO2 emissions in a number of ways –including helping to develop carbon capture and storage technology, helping to develop advanced biofuels, and through our coal gasification technology.

Energy security

The world’s energy use is likely to double by 2050. To help meet this rising demand, Shell is extracting more from existing resources and continuing to push new frontiers of energy exploration.

Energy efficiency

Learning to use energy more efficiently will help conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gases. At Shell we’re always looking to improve our own energy use and help customers to do the same with more energy-efficient fuels and lubricants. 

Energy diversity

To meet the world’s growing energy demand will take multiple resources, including oil and gas from conventional and unconventional sources. Shell liquefies natural gas, making it easier to transport and opening up huge energy resources. Our gas-to-liquids process turns natural gas into liquid transport fuel and other products. We are also involved in wind energy projects. And we continue to develop our capacity in conventional and advanced biofuels.

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