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Safety Training

Safety is Shell's number one priority in the paraffin sector and all the distributors and wholesalers are encouraged to make their environments safe and conducive for paraffin sales.  Due to the hazardous nature of the product all the distributors have to undergo a special safety-training program dealing with deliveries, storage and handling of the product.  All the distributors are expected to adhere to the basic rules of safety when dealing with their customers.

Shell committed 2002 to Health, Safety and the Environment in its paraffin market - thereby making every effort to ensure, more than ever before, that our channel provides a safe, usable product consistently.  Consequently, regular safety checks are carried out at product depots to incoming and outgoing Shell delivery trucks - making sure that the consumer gets the best product - meeting and exceeding expectations.

Shell also organizes and encourages its distributors and their customers to undergo first aid and basic fire training courses - thereby increasing the skills level of all in the supply chain.

Street Theatre

End consumers are the most exposed group to paraffin dangers.  All the programs that the Shell Paraffin sector has embarked on have been aimed at reaching the end consumers.  Shell has been conducting some safety initiatives such as the Street theatre that took place in Durban in 2001 in an effort to educate and encourage end consumers to use with care.

One of the main objectives of the campaign is to promote the use of safe containers and child-proof safety caps.  The street theatre initiative was also carried out in the Gauteng province in 2002, educating school children and customers on the importance of paraffin safety.  Consumer oriented competitions were also conducted, encouraging consumer involvement in an otherwise low involvement product.

Paraffin Safety Association of South Africa and Initiatives

Shell is a member of the Paraffin Safety Association of South Africa (www.pasasa.org) with the main objective being to promote the safe usage of paraffin in the households.

Shell supports the efforts of the Paraffin Association through the use of the paraffin safety containers and child-proof caps.  Shell is currently supporting Pasasa in its efforts to launch 'kleen paraffin' whereby consumers can buy pre-packaged paraffin.  The project ensures that the product that is supplied is clean and pure as it comes directly from the distributor.  Shell is committed to support all industry efforts to curb the incidents of paraffin ingestion, poisoning and burns.

Top Paraffin Safety Tips and Precautions

  1. Always use your childproof paraffin safety cap on your paraffin bottle and keep paraffin and matches away from children.
  2. If a child accidentally swallows paraffin, don't give him anything to eat or drink.  Never make a child vomit as this forces paraffin into the lungs and causes pneumonia.  Take the child to a clinic or hospital quickly.
  3. When you pour paraffin into a lamp or stove, use a funnel not a cup.  If you use a cup, the child might think it contains water and drink from it.
  4. If you spill paraffin on yourself, wash it off and change your clothes so that it doesn't burn your skin.
  5. Always turn your stove and lamp off when you leave home.
  6. Never pour water on fire caused by oil.  Always keep a bucket of sand or a fire extinguisher at home.
  7. If your clothing catches fire, fall to the ground and roll to put out the flames.  If someone else is on fire roll him or her in a blanket.
  8. When cooking with paraffin leave a window open to let out the fumes.
  9. Always keep paraffin stoves and lamps on a flat surface so they won't fall and start a fire.
  10. Never leave young children at home alone.