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Fuel-Saving Tips

As well as filling up with Shell’s New Unleaded Extra and Diesel Extra, there are a number of simple fuel-tips that you can follow to gain extra kilometers:

10 Fuel-Saving Tips:

  1. Change gears efficiently:

    Move up to the highest gear as soon as appropriate.  When you drive slowly in a higher gear, you'll burn less fuel;

  2. Drive smoothly:

    Don't drive aggressively and avoid hard acceleration.  You'll burn up to a third less fuel if you drive smoothly;

  3. Avoid sudden braking:

    Keep a good distance from the car in front of you and avoid braking too hard as this will use more fuel;

  4. Make sure your tyres are properly inflated:

    Check your tyres regularly and ensure that they are correctly inflated;

  5. Avoid over-revving your car:

    Don't over-rev when you're pulling away or accelerating. Never 'redline' the rev counter;

  6. Avoid carrying excess weight:

    Empty your boot out now and again and clear your car of unnecessary items;

  7. Switch off your engine when it’s not in use:

    Avoid excess idling, it burns fuel unnecessarily.  Turn the engine off until you need it again;

  8. Use air-conditioning sparingly:

    Air-conditioning puts extra strain on your engine and can increase your fuel consumption by 8%. Rather use your car's internal ventilation system where possible;

  9. Keep your engine well tuned and serviced:

    Service your car regularly - a poorly maintained engine with dirty dark plugs can increase your fuel consumption by up to 50%;

  10. Avoid high speeds:

    High speeds = more wind resistance = greater fuel consumption. Keep it slow.