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Shell V-Power Diesel's unique formulation is designed to remove and prevent deposits enabling engines to deliver an improved driving experience.


Discover why Shell V-Power Diesel is unique and what it can do for you!


Shell has great news for diesel drivers in South Africa: Shell V-Power is also available in Diesel!


Shell V-Power Diesel is a next generation diesel fuel that has been specially formulated to deliver optimum performance from your advanced diesel engine - so try it today!



Shell's V-Power Diesel is a 50ppm Diesel, the lowest sulphur specification available in South Africa. Shell's 50ppm Diesel is fully imported from the world's finest refineries, ensuring that you, as the customer get the best quality fuel for your vehicle.


Three qualities that make the difference:

  • Performance
  • Protection
  • Next generation formulation

Power at your Command through cleaning your engine as you drive.

When you use ordinary diesel fuel, deposits can be formed inside the engine that can affect the spray pattern from the fuel injectors. This can impact the mixing of fuel and air in the cylinder, which can negatively affect the combustion process in the engine. Shell V-Power Diesel has been specially formulated to not only prevent the build up of these deposits but to even remove existing deposits. Shell V-Power Diesel can therefore, help to improve the combustion process in the engine, giving you power at your command.

More Protection

Diesel engines have become much more sophisticated over the past few years. Shell V-Power Diesel fuel is developed to protect the metallic components in your engine against corrosion. Furthermore, Shell V-Power Diesel forms a protective layer over the injector nozzles, which can help them to last longer.

Can my car use Shell V-Power Diesel?
Yes, Shell V-Power Diesel is suitable for all vehicles equipped with a diesel engine.

Can I upgrade to Shell V-Power Diesel immediately?
Yes, Shell V-Power Diesel can be safely mixed with other diesel fuels available on the market, however the full benefits of Shell V-Power Diesel will only be experienced when you use it all the time.

Is Shell V-Power Diesel available in other markets?
Yes, Shell V-Power is available in Germany, Italy and many other European markets.

How was Shell V-Power Diesel developed?
Shell's research and development team, in cooperation with leading diesel engine manufacturers, have developed Shell V-Power Diesel. Extensive joint testing sessions have been held, and this experience has been incorporated in the Shell V-Power Diesel formulation that is now available in South Africa

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