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Services offered by the Technical Department

"call us on 0800 027 027"

We offer the following :

  • Customer Service Centre
  • Product Development
  • Product Recommendation
  • Laboratory Service
  • Routine Analysis
  • Lubricant Survey
  • Technical Training
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Engineering services
  • Quality Control

Customer Service Centre

The Customer Service Centre is a toll free telephone information service offered to users of fuels and lubricants. The Customer Service Centre provides an opportunity to discuss any fuel or lubricant related technical problem as it occurs and to receive advice and solutions immediately. The Service Centre is manned by qualified technical staff at all times during office hours

Product Development

International and local product experts are responsible for ensuring that the Shell product range always meets the needs of the market. To this end, Shell's product range is constantly monitored and where necessary, adapted to meet these changing needs. The need for the development and introduction of new products is also closely monitored, in conjunction with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) and customers, to ensure that the best product is always available for any given application.

Product Recommendation

It is essential that the correct lubricant and fuel is used in each item of equipment. Close contact with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's), locally and internationally, combined with a comprehensive product range, enables us to recommend the correct product for any application. Frequent OEM contact ensures that our product range always keeps pace with equipment technology, and that our product recommendations are always up-to-date.

Laboratory Service

Shell has a fully equipped laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment.This equipment is used to conduct comprehensive investigations on fuel and lubricant related problems, to develop new products and to monitor quality. Oil analysis is a useful tool to provide operators of lubricated equipment with information about the condition of their machinery. Potential problems are highlighted, which will prevent unnecessary time and money being wasted.

Routine analysis

Predictive Oil Analysis (P.O.A ) is a proactive maintenance management programme designed by Shell to assist our customers in saving money, improving productivity, gaining peace of mind and protecting the environment. This is based on a proactive maintenance management programme, together with Wearcheck Africa. For further details contact Shell's Lubricants Services Branding Manager on (021) 408-4099).

Lubricant Survey

Shell's Technical Services Department undertakes lubrication surveys for its customers. These involve:

· The inspection of the customer's plant and equipment.

· The provision of a detailed listing of the lubrication requirements of the plant and equipment.

· Recommendations of lubricants to use.

· Advice on the use of the products.

· Storage and handling of lubricants.

· Health and safety data.

· Product descriptions for the customer.

The survey provides the customer with a document relating to the lubrication requirements of his plant. The survey also highlights which lubricants the customer should stock, thus preventing him from becoming confused when too many products are held in stock. Lubrication surveys can be supplied on computer disk or in an attractive presentation folder. They are all stored electronically, making them easy to update.

Technical Training

Shell's Technical Services Department offers specialised training for customers. Courses can be designed to meet customer's specific needs, at a variety of levels for technical and engineering staff. The courses can be formal or informal and on or off customer's premises. The courses aim to provide customers with knowledge and information about fuels and lubricants. They also cover the selection and application of the correct lubricant to maintain equipment.

Trouble Shooting

Shell's Technical Services Department offers a troubleshooting service to customers to assist them in the diagnosis of lubricant related equipment failures and preventing problems from reoccurring. The service involves an analysis of:

· The fuel/lubricant used.

· The operation and operating conditions of the equipment.

· How the lubricant was supplied.

Conclusions and recommendations are supplied in a written report and may include consultation with experts in other fields.

Engineering services

The Commercial Engineering team designs, installs and maintains specialised storage and distribution equipment for fuels and lubricants for customers throughout the Southern Africa region. The team also audits existing installations for technical integrity and for Health, Safety and Environment purposes and advises customers on legal requirements and possible operational improvements.

Quality Control

Shell's quality system is based on the international standard for quality systems. The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) publishes the standards under the ISO 9000 series.

Shell is listed as an accredited company for:

· Manufacturing, blending and supplying lubricating oil blends.

· Blending, packing, storing and despatching bitumen product slack waxes aromatic extracts aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents.

Shell's quality system is audited on a regular basis by our own internal auditors and by SABS. Customers can be confident that Shell South Africa's products and services will consistently satisfy their needs and expectations in terms of quality and consistency.